Frequently Asked Questions

Bunkyo Motomachi Campus

Q: Is SGIS eligible for government subsidies?
A: The school is planning to receive eligibility for government “mushoka” subsidies upon opening.

Q: What are the admission requirements for parents?
A: There are no particular requirements for parents. However, we have a screening process that includes a parent and child interview. Please visit the enrolment page for more information.

Q: What is the ratio of English to Japanese language use?
A: All lessons and childcare are conducted in English.

Makuhari Bay Park Campus

Q: Is SGIS a licensed preschool?
A: SGIS is a non-licensed preschool called a “Company-led childcare facility.” and we use a system of “Company-led childcare service”. The Japanese government started this subsidy system in 2016 as part of the “Work Style Reform”. The government supports facility maintenance and operation costs of qualified preschools. Subsidies are provided to preschools that give flexible childcare for working families and give priority to children of local business owners.

Q: What are the admission requirements for parents?
A: To be admitted to SGIS, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:
1. All parents must be able to provide proof of employment (part-time work is acceptable)
2. You must be certified by your local municipal office for using the childcare system.

Q: What is the ratio of English to Japanese language use?
A: childcare in the 0-1 year-old classes is conducted in Japanese. We gradually increase the frequency of English use from the age of two, and switch to English-only from the three years old classroom.

Q: Are there any opportunities to use the ZOZOPARK HONDA FOOTBALL AREA?
A: Depending on our curriculum, it will be used as a place to have our lessons.

Q: Is there an English test during the screening process?
A: We will conduct a simple English test during the screening only for children who wish to enroll in the 4 to 5 years old classes.

Q: Is it necessary for parents to have English language skills for admission?
A: There is no need for parents to have English skills. All our information from the office will be provided in both Japanese and English.

Q: What events do you have planned?
A: Throughout the year, SGIS will have birthday parties, field trips, picnics, sports days, and other seasonal events like Christmas, etc.

Q: Does Keisuke Honda teach classes at SGIS?
A: Keisuke Honda does not teach classes at school.

Q: How is Keisuke Honda involved with SGIS?
A: As a founder of SGIS, he is involved in establishing the principles and developing the curriculum. To read about his philosophy as a founder, please read here.


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