■ Admission requirements
SGIS is a “corporate-led childcare facility” and is classified as a non-licensed preschool. As we use the subsidy system of the Japanese government to support the employment of parents who are raising children, it is necessary to meet one of the following requirements for admission.
(a) All parents/guardians must be able to provide proof of employment (full-time or part-time work)
(b) You must be certified as in need of childcare by your local municipal office.

■ Free early childhood education
The provision of free early childhood education which started in October 2019 is available to families who meet the requirements. Please contact our school office for details.

School Tours

If you would like to attend our school tour, please apply from the following form.
You can also check the available dates and times.

Enrollment Procedure

The admission process is as follows. If you have any questions, please contact us to info@soltilogsa.com.

Get started by contacting us via email or phone. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our school and schedule a date for you to come and visit the school.
School Tour
During the school tour, we will show you around our facilities and explain more about our curriculum and policies. Your child is welcome to join you on the day.
Please submit the application form and required paperwork to start your child's enrollment procedure.
Once we receive your application form, we will email you regarding the entrance examination, so please let us know your preferred dates.
All applicants will be informed of the examination results by email. In case we have no openings for your child’s age group, your application will be placed in a wait list, and we will contact you again as soon as a spot opens.
Once your child is accepted for enrollment, you will receive guidance about the next steps and the rest of the documents required.

Student Benefits

SGIS students are entitled to the following benefits.

Free Online Lessons

Students can take Global Step Academy online services for 8 lessons every month with no charge. (8 x 25-minute lessons, English or Math class in English).
※Depending on the student’s level, this could be 4 x 50-minute lessons.

Free Consulting

For those who wish to attend an international school or study abroad after graduation, Global Step Academy academic consulting support for further education will be available at no charge.

Soccer School Free Admission

SGIS students can join SOLTILO FAMILIA SOCCER SCHOOL with no enrollment fee.
[Benefit] Free admission fees (original admission fee is 5,000 yen).
[Applicable school] Any SOLTILO FAMILIA soccer school.